bnourished Planner Review

I’m a planning and organization nerd. New tools are exciting. New tools mean new learning of ways to be effective, adapting your own style, and growing overall. In this video, I’m breaking down the bnourished planner, which is a new and pretty impressive product.

The Only Way to Offer Discounts to Clients

Discounts are an iffy subject. “Never” is a better answer than “well you should always be ready to offer one!”. There’s a better way to think about and present discounts to clients. Your approach to pricing has a major impact on *profits* of a consulting business. Be smart about how you approach pricing and discounts alike to make your business sustainable.

Do Your Clients See You as a “Peer” or a “Peon”?

Perception is stronger than some like to admit. I challenge you to consider whether you see yourself as a peer or a peon to your clients. And, of course, how your clients see you.

This is pivotal. It isn’t any trick for landing clients or negotiating big deals. No secret marketing hack. The truth is: mindset has a stronger correlation with business performance than any other factor I’ve measured in myself and others.

Leasing Office Space vs. Work-From-Home as a Marketing Consultant

Where you work each day is an important decision. It’s a matter of dollars invested, productivity, professionalism, perception and positioning. It’s a highly personal decision.

How To Become A Marketing Coach

Coaching is a growing field in the world of marketing — and marketers are oblivious. Organizations go through cycles of taking marketing in-house, or outsourcing to agencies. But regardless of where the cycle is, they always invest in their internal teams. Coaching is an excellent way to transfer knowledge from yourself, the coach, to the client’s marketer(s).

Shifting Your Mindset In Marketing Services

There are three things to consider in the marketing services business to be successful. This goes to marketing consultants and agencies alike. These are *building blocks* for your business — the essential elements you need for your business and for yourself to approach your day-to-day and the big picture.

How to Increase Your Consulting Fee With Existing Marketing Clients

Here’s how to raise your rates (and how much) with a plan and schedule so it isn’t a one-time occurance.

Should You Advertise Your Consulting Firm?

Is it worth putting advertising dollars behind your own consulting business? If you do advertise, what makes sense, and what doesn’t? Listen in to this five-minute breakdown.

Building A Support System As A Marketing Consultant

Entrepreneurship can be surprisingly lonely and draining. But so rewarding. We just need to make sure to take care of ourselves along the way.

Staying Productive As A Marketing Consultant

In this video, I’ll break down methods to take effective action, consistently. It’s about designing a structure around your time. Productivity is never easy, but it can be simple. Follow your own time management system.

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