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Below you will find consultants, agency owners, freelancers, professionals, newbies and veterans who have worked with David and in the Consulting MBA program. From a variety of backgrounds and goals come a variety of successes.

Mark Williams

Funnels and Follow Up

“Before I worked with David, I tried to work on too many things at once. My business plan wasn’t clear. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t grow the business like I wanted to.

With David’s help, I was able to see the big picture and create a solid foundation. Now I have recurring clients and a growing business that gives me the lifestyle I want.”

Matt Santry

Musician, Marketer

“I learned a ton from working with David. It was great being able to ask questions and share resources and experiences with people that were 1 or 2 steps ahead of where my business was at the time.

Applying all I’ve learned – We grew our list from 0 to over 500 in less than a month and are currently getting subscribers at around $0.50 from Facebook Ads. The momentum is crazy and now my business partner and I are really excited about our upcoming product launch!

Chris Justin

Owner & Solar Sales Expert, Commercial & Industrial Markets

“David has been a tremendous resource throughout my entrepreneurial journey. He continually astonishes me with how willing he is to help, whether it’s sharing his exact strategies for winning clients, or coaching me through a delicate sales situation, at a moment’s notice.

When you ask his advice on a problem, he listens deeply and gives well-thought and tailored solutions, not the superficial platitudes you hear from so many coaches out there. I highly recommend working with David if you get the opportunity to.

John Donovan

Owner, Clinic Digital Marketing

“David has been a fantastic mentor during my agency development.  He is a great knowledge resource and extremely helpful in maintaining momentum during startup.

One of the biggest challenges for me was making decisions on software platforms, partners, and new client acquisition.  David was fantastic in providing options and ideas to move forward quickly and confidently through these decisions, so I could begin getting clients and generating revenue.

Nick Sudhaus

Founder, BeyondEngage

“David is the real deal. Not only is he one of the sharpest marketers out there (on both a tactical and strategic level) but David actually CARES about the success of the people he works with.

Dollar for dollar, there is no better investment than in a solid mastermind group, like David’s. You’ll form invaluable connections, see what’s working NOW and how to apply it in your unique situation which combined will shortcut your path to success — saving you months and even years of trial and error.

Tony Bernard

Best Selling Author and Creator of

“I have been involved with a mastermind group that David is the leader of for many years now. Mastermind groups can be very rewarding.  You need a person that is the leader or coach and David has been that in this Mastermind group with success! It has been well worth the investment of both time and cost!

David is a highly skilled Marketing person with a wide range of skills to help a business grow or become more profitable.

I like to use the term “Adapt and Adopt.” I say that because if you are open minded and you are listening to others how then handle things or work around things and you ask how can I adapt or adopt that to my business, you can save years of frustration and who know how much cost! Plus in this group setting, there are others that can offer different suggestions to help solve your problem or situation.

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