About Us

Our Mission

We believe marketing consultants should be able to realize their dreams of freedom, fulfillment, and security in working for themselves.

Marketing consultants are uniquely positioned to help organizations flourish, leading to greater economic prosperity for that company, all of the employees, the vendors, customers, and so forth. In short, we are here to provide a better standard of living for an exponential market through our clients’ success.

Our Core Values

First Class, Always

We provide a first-class experience at every moment.

Contribution & Excellence

We will continually keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest strategies, tactics, technologies, and opportunities across the field so you have premier knowledge available to you.


We will respond to clients within one business day; and typically within the same business day. You are never left alone.


We will always act with integrity. Ethical and moral decision-making is not something we elect to employ; it is simply the only way we operate.

Our Purpose In Your Life

Fear of Failure

A lack of clarity on what to do leads to a fear of failure.

In entrepreneurship, and particularly in consulting, there’s the unknown, instability, and uncertainty.

You can be debilitated or motivated to succeed. We help you avoid the former and realize the latter.


Nonetheless, it’s challenging to do it all alone. Even those who believe they have the right plan realize that entrepreneurship is lonely and limiting when you don’t have additional support.

And, most don’t have it all figured out. In fact, no one really does. In case you believe you’re done learning: you’re not.

We’re here to serve as guides and advisors to those who seek growth.


Beyond simply being unsure of “what to do” is something much stronger.

It’s the feeling of confusion and worry that plagues entrepreneurs.

“How am I going to keep going long-term?”

“I figured out this month, but then what?”

The process of being an entrepreneur may be grueling, but it doesn’t have to be cruel.


You may identify as an entrepreneur, but do you live the life of the entrepreneur you envision?

Most entrepreneurs are after freedom. Free of working for someone else, on someone else’s schedule, according to a salary set by someone else.

That nagging thought: “I see so many others working for themselves. It’s my turn.”

We’re here to make that a reality.

Meet Our Founder

David Bradley founded Consulting MBA because of the need in the market. David’s understanding of the space came through a varied experiences in marketing consulting, coaching and advisory, as well as in developing organizations and working with marketers and professionals of various backgrounds.

What makes David a fit in this market is that he has a depth of first-hand experience working with clients, and continues to take on selective consulting and advisory projects. That means he uses the concepts, tools and processes in the program first-hand.

David values expansive thinking, cross-disciplinary understanding, and strategic perspective. He has over a decade of experience speaking, coaching, and consulting. David believes in living a life of contribution as a way to provide intellectual challenge to himself while serving others.

He authored the books Getting Digital Marketing Right (2015) and Digital Marketing MBA (2019). Aside from writing, David enjoys teaching professionally as well. Personally, he loves sailing, mixed martial arts, cooking and new experiences. David currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • MBA, Providence College – Marketing
  • BS, Rhode Island College – Marketing, Operations


  • Advisor, Association of Marketing Professionals of Rhode Island (amp-ri.com)
  • Subject-Matter Expert & Marketing Committee Member, SCORE Rhode Island (score.org)
  • Advisor, Social Enterprise Greenhouse (segreenhouse.org)
  • Resident Member, The University Club of Providence, RI (uclubprov.com)
  • Advisory Council Member, Harvard Business Review
  • Contributor, Facebook Business Insights Panel
  • Council Member: Marketing Advisor, GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group)
  • Professional Member, Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance (joinmocca.org)


  • President, Association of Marketing Professionals of Rhode Island
  • Committee Member, Council for Advancement & Support of Education (caseone.org)
  • College Leadership Rhode Island Program Committee Member (leadershipri.org)
  • Chair, Alumni Communications Committee of Rhode Island College (ric.edu)
  • Director, Rhode Island College Alumni Association (ric.edu)
  • Business Education Innovation Program, Providence College (providence.edu)
  • Annual Event Planning Committee Member, Sojourner House (sojournerri.org)

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