How to Increase Your Consulting Fee With Existing Marketing Clients

Here’s how to raise your rates (and how much) with a plan and schedule so it isn’t a one-time occurance.

Should You Advertise Your Consulting Firm?

Is it worth putting advertising dollars behind your own consulting business? If you do advertise, what makes sense, and what doesn’t? Listen in to this five-minute breakdown.

Building A Support System As A Marketing Consultant

Entrepreneurship can be surprisingly lonely and draining. But so rewarding. We just need to make sure to take care of ourselves along the way.

Staying Productive As A Marketing Consultant

In this video, I’ll break down methods to take effective action, consistently. It’s about designing a structure around your time. Productivity is never easy, but it can be simple. Follow your own time management system.

Is It Worth Getting Your Master’s or MBA in Marketing?

In this video, I’ll share my thoughts on what you should do depending on your career paths and/or entrepreneurial interests and pursuits. Where am I coming from? I double-majored in undergrad (marketing and operations), got my MBA in marketing, teach a marketing college class, and have run my own marketing consultancy since college.

Four Steps to Creating a Potent Consulting Case Study

Consultants are hired based on their credibility. You need to find your client at the right time and they must have a need, but that isn’t enough. There are countless other consultants and agencies who can serve your client. How do you stand out?

Shifting Your Consulting Business Online in the COVID-19 Era

Shifting your consultancy online requires changes to how you operate, the tools you use, and most importantly, how you interact with clients. In the video, I’ll share the things to think about, invest in, and do immediately to make a smart shift today.

Stop Trusting Other’s “One Way to Grow A Marketing Consulting Business” and Find Your One Way

There are countless coaches, programs, and blog posts that claim they have a way to fill your pipeline with this one trick or tactic. Dozens of consulting clients knocking at your door! Instant ability to charge 10x more than you have before!

You Need To Stop Blaming Others If You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Having an internal locus of control (taking accountability for yourself) is important for a solo consultant and any business owner. If you leave blame to others, where is the accountability for you to improve?

The Difference Between Discipline and Motivation

Motivation is a hot topic. I had one of the top answers to “How to motivate myself to work hard” on Quora with over 44,000 views. Let me provide a candid follow-up to that question. There’s a difference between discipline and motivation, and you need to understand this.

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