There are three things to consider in the marketing services business to be successful. This goes to marketing consultants and agencies alike. These are *building blocks* for your business — the essential elements you need for your business and for yourself to approach your day-to-day and the big picture.


Hey, David Bradley here in the next two minutes, I’m going to tell you why you need to shift your mindset in the marketing services, marketing consulting business, to make sure that you’re approaching it in the right way, both for yourself and for your clients. And there’s three things that I want to talk about to you about first is that as a marketing consultant, offering marketing services, you’re in the marketing business, but for yourself. And what I mean is you’re not just offering services related to marketing, but you need to market your own business as well. And that is a challenge for most marketers, for one reason or another, it could be the cobbler’s shoes situation where they’re always working on clients and they’re neglecting themselves, or it often is also, you don’t know how to market yourself. You haven’t figured out for clients, you know how to deal with that.

You’re servicing lawyers or dentists or roofing companies or financial services or whatever it might be. You don’t know what to do for an agency. You don’t know what to do for a consultant. And that’s where you stumble. The first step is to really fully embrace that you are in the marketing business for yourself. You need to be marketing yourself. And that is how you can get more clients for yourself. And that’s just a basic necessity of what you do. So you need to dedicate time to that. And it is something where do you need to dedicate? I would say a day a week, you can check out my video about how to manage time, if you ever want to consider maybe restructuring your days and your week in a more effective way. And as much as some people preach every day, you need to do a little bit of this or that.

I find a day dedicated to a certain category of activities will be much better. So, you know, find a day that’s going to be your marketing day, your business development day, and focus on that. The second thing is to remember that you don’t provide services to your clients. You provide value, and there is a distinction there because providing value is something that needs to track through everything that you do, including your marketing. Well, we’re talking about that, but it’s okay. So exactly what your client wants. They don’t want a service. And if you’re looking for someone who just wants a commoditized service and that’s it, and they’re just looking for the cheap service to get done, they’re looking for an order taker. They’re not looking for a consultant in that case, they’re not looking for an advisor then. So be it. But in most cases, the clients that we want to work with, they’re looking for a value.

So you need to focus on what value can I bring to the market? How do I communicate that? How do I fulfill that? How do I follow that consistently? So the shift in your mind is I need to be marketing my own business. I need to make sure that I’m always looking to provide value, the most value that I can and communicating that in the best way that I can. So the last piece that I think people miss and this completes the puzzle of the mindset is essentially your business’s operating system. How does the business make money? How does it function? What is the business model essentially end to end? And the reason that this is an issue is that most people who start up a consultancy or a marketing agency, or what have you, they just get going. They speed ahead. They have this general idea and it might involve finding a white label team.

Who’s going to do the work subconsciously contracting it out, or it might just be, I’m basically a freelancer. I’ll get paid hourly to do this task. I know how to do it. I’ve done it before. And I’ll just do that. Neither one of those cases involve a complete business model. You don’t know how everything is going to work. And it really comes down to how am I going to get clients? How am I going to service those clients? How am I going to maintain that process? Getting the clients, maintaining them, client, servicing them, and how do I do that all profitably. And that is what you have to build up over time. Those are the core elements. There’s a lot more that goes into a business operating system over time. But in the meantime, if you don’t have to worry about how to hire team members, how to properly structure, how to properly delegate, how to structure deals in different ways.

If you were trying to get into just the basics to move forward, that’s what you need to focus on. And it isn’t just because you need that system in place. It’s because for you to go out there and effectively sell, unless you’re one of the 2% who can do that without really knowing how their own business works. I find the confidence gained from having a clear vision of this is how the business will operate. This is how I will serve my clients. This is how I’ll get the next one. And the next one, that is the key to allow you to be confident enough to go out there, market your business, well, sell effectively and follow through in your services and build a business. So without the clarity, it is easy to get distracted and stumble and not be confident enough to close the deal.

So quick recap, the three things that you need to focus on are one, I’m in the business of marketing my own business. It’s important. It’s something you need to dedicate time to set aside a day, a week to focus on that fully second. You’re providing value, not services. So forget about services, methodology, and mentioning that so much focus on what am I helping the client to experience, to gain, to avoid, to have a transformative experience? What is it that I’m offering and the clarity of how do I make this ship keep on going forward? You know, how do I deliver my services? How do I get the clients? How do I maintain those relationships? Those are the core building blocks, and it can extend much further than that, but starting out, you need a very clear vision of how that all operates.

Use it to empower yourself. That’s really what it’s all about. 90% of success in business is mindset, strategy, and all that is important, but mindset is what is going to make that strategy continue

To evolve. And that’s what makes you keep coming back when you stumble. So take that, run with it. And let me know if you have any more questions on mindset.

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